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Print pages to Pdf (Firefox AddOn)

Print Pages to Pdf gives you the ability to Convert selected Bookmarks (like Bookmarkfolder or a list of Bookmarks), open Browsertabs or, if installed Scrapbook(Plus) pages into one Pdf Document.

For a detailed list of features see the Features page.

The view of the result can be changed with differen options (Papersize, margins etc.). Automatic creation of Outlines is possible or it can be done manually. Headers- and Footers for every page can be provided.
The webpages can be pre-edited so that they contain only text or you can delete unwanted content from it (e.g advertising).

Selection of Webpages can be done by Contextmenus at Bookmarks, Webpage and Scrapbooklist. The functions can althogh accessed via the Extra Menu entry or a Button from the Toolbar. In addition is it possible to move Bookmarks, Links and Tabs per Drag and Drop into the open AddOn window.

The AddOn does this work without sending any content over the Internet, the whole work ist done locally for privacy reasons. It is using the open Source library wkhtmltopdf with all its power and limitations.